First Communion Gifts for Girls

First Communion Gifts for Girls


As First  Holy Communion presents the crosses with praying children are excellent gifts for both boy and girl.  A Crucifix is an appropriate gift for any Catholic person on any occasion.


2350  First Communion Gift set

The Miraculous Medal is the most popular medal among those of the Catholic faith.  Designed by the Blessed Virgin herself it gives special significance to the little girl who wears it as a bracelet and/or ring.  The Blessed Mother promised 'those who wear her medal will receive special blessings'.


Silver Bead Wrap Rosary    R41933

As the most widely accepted prayer of medication of the Catholic Church any young girl would appreciate the Rosary bracelet as a First Communion Present.



Praying Hands Cross Pendant is excellent  1st Communion Jewelry

The story of the praying hands dates back to the fifteenth century when two brothers, Albrecht and Albert Durer, made a pact.  One would work in the mines while the other sought an education.  When the first returned he would go into the mines to support his brother as he obtained his education.  Albrecht won the pact by a tossed coin and four years later returned home, an accomplished artist, to celebrate his fortune and send his brother to school.  Unfortunately, his brother, Albert's hands were so crippled from working in the mines he could not attend school.  Today Albrecht Durer's many watercolors, pen and pencil schedules and wood carvings are celebrated all over the world.  The most famous, however, is his Praying Hands.  A drawing paying homage to his brother's sacrifice, his brothers crippled and damaged hands.  He called it simply 'Hands' but the world almost immediately renamed the tribute 'Praying Hands' and so it remains today, a physical remembrance of loving sacrifice one brother made for another. 

When designed with the Cross we are not only reminded of the love in brotherhood but of the loving Sacrifice Jesus made for us in giving his life on the Cross.    What a wonderful gift for a little girl to cherish on her First Communion!



Girl's St. Christopher Hockey Medal
St. Christopher is the patron saint of athletes, porters, sailors and travelers.
The story of St. Christopher follows that he made a living ferrying people across a wide river.  One day he carried a child across the river but as they moved into the deeper current the child grew heavier and heavier.  It seemed St. Christopher carried the weight of the world on his shoulders.  On the opposite bank it was revealed to St. Christopher that he carried the Child Jesus on his shoulders.

Girls take part in many sports and there are many patron saints of various sports.
Saint Rita--Baseball (8094SS), Saint Kateri--equestrian (8061SS),   as there are patrons of many other walks in life St Joan of Arc--soldiers (8053SS),  St. Agatha--nurses (8003SS), St. Rose of Lima-florists (8095SS), St. Elizabeth of Hungry-bakers (8033SS) , St. Clare-embroiderers, television (8028SS),  St. Cecilia--musicians (8016SS), St. Catherine of Bologna--artists(8014SS), St. Bridget of Sweden--healers (8122SS), St. Barbara-architects (8006SS), St. Brigid of Ireland-scholars (8123SS),  St. Anne--patron of mothers (8003SS).

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