Boys First Communion

Boys First Communion


            While some may find it difficult to find appropriate items for a boys' First Communion, there are a number of items too choose from.
            Tradition says the First Communicant must wear white to signify their purity and innocence.  In recent years navy pants and ties has become acceptable for young men while a white button down shirt remains their symbol of purity.  With that in mind this tie tac and lapel pin set would be excellent Communion gifts for boys.   (0601WLSS/TTLSS)   The Chalice with Host is the universal symbol signifying the Eucharist (Holy Communion).

Black Glass Bead Rosary   R41920   


Brown Goldstone Rosary        R41892


The Rosary is said to be the most widely accepted method of prayer for members of the Catholic Church.  For male, female, young and old the repetitious pray brings solace in times of sorrow, anticipation in times of hope and in its reverence honors both Mary and her Son Jesus.

            First designed in the 15th Century traditional rosary beads are made of many designs.  The word 'Rosary' means 'rose garden' or 'garland of roses'.  The beads are often small replicas of roses.  The beads may also be made from various gem stones, or crystals.  Traditional rosaries have been made of polished wooden beads.  More expensive rosaries have been made from pearls or other precious items such as ivory or diamonds.  Traditionally, the white rosary has been reserved for women while a black rosary is for men.  First Communion Rosaries hold that tradition, giving girls a white rosary and boys a black rosary.


Medals are very nice Communion gifts for boys be they key chains or medals worn on chains around the neck.


The Miraculous Medal is considered the most popular of all medals.  It was designed by the Blessed Virgin and honors both the Blessed Mother and Jesus.  The Blessed Mother promised special graces to all who wear the Miraculous Medal.

Five Way medals are very nice Communion gifts for boys of all ages. The arms of the Five Way medal portray the images of Patron Saints.  St Michael, St. Christopher, St. Peter are very popular.  But one might also choose the communicant's namesake, St. Daniel, St. Dennis, St. Patrick.  The top of the Five-Way Medal bears the Sacred Heart of Jesus while the bottom bears the Miraculous Medal.
In the center may be the chalice (0043SS) or the Holy Spirit ((0041SS) or a small image of a Crucifix (2058SS).  Many five-way medals will bear a reference to the patron saint of a certain sport.  Example: St. Rita as the patron of Baseball. (5712SS  and  5707SS)


There are many patron saints of sports.  These medals portray both the sport and a picture of their patron saint  (8000SS)

The Cross or Crucifix is also a nice boys' First Communion gift. (011DTSS)  (1535SS)

The medal of First Communion is always a wise gift.  (R200SS)  (0875SS)

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