Communion Charms

Communion Charms

Charms may be worn (or carried) in a number of ways and serve a number of reasons.  Charms come in many shapes and sizes. 
The wearing of charms most likely began in the form of an amulet (talisman or object of intimate relation such as piece of bone) to ward off evil spirits and/ or bad luck.   The ancient Egyptians wore charms as a means of identification or as symbols of faith and luck.  Medieval knights wore charms as protection when they went into battle.  During the Dark Ages charms were also worn to represent family origins, religious or political convictions.
Charm bracelets became a fashion trend at the time of Queen Victoria.  After World War II soldiers returned with trinkets made from craftsmen where they fought overseas.  They gave these trinkets to loved ones.  In the 1950's and '60's teenagers collected charms to record special events in their lives.  Since 2000 collectors have sought vintage charms
For the First Communicant charms (charm bracelets) are a reminder of the special day he/she received the Lord in the form of the Holy Eucharist.

              This chalice charm represents the chalice of communion surrounded by the heart.   Jesus' Heart….the communicant's heart.  It does not matter which.  They are One


      A Communion Charm of the Chalice holding the Blood of Christ with a Host Rising above is the eternal symbol of the Eucharist


      The Cross engraved into this Communion charm reminds of the suffering of Christ which gave us this great gift of the Eucharist.

   The Miraculous Medal.  Perhaps the most widely worn and honored medal of all time reminds us of Mary's love and protection given through both her Immaculate Heart and her son, Jesus', Sacred Heart


        The Cross, the Universal symbol of Christianity         



           The Praying Boy or Girl are popular charms most often associated with Baptism.  However they are also an ideal First Communion gift.


        Angel Charms (2128) or Praying Hands (0220) are also appropriate charms given at               First Communion.

Medals depicting the child's namesake or patron saint are also a very popular First Communion charms.  Saint Rita and St Michael or popular patrons of various sports.  Saint Christopher is also patron of sports and/or travelers.   

A four-way medal with patron saint and a miraculous medal with symbols of the Holy Spirit and the Sacred Heart are ideal for First Communion gifts.


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communion charm
communion charms


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